We all have a unique story to share with the world. While writing may be your passion, it isn’t always easy. Editing is hard and having the courage to put your work out into the world is even harder.  

I’m here to help! I work one-on-one with writers of memoir and narrative nonfiction to turn big ideas into beautifully polished manuscripts.

Who Am I?

I am a published author and freelance writer/editor with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of King’s College. I started writing my first book in 2015 and published it this year with Dundurn Press.  

I know what memoirists need from their coaches and editors because I am a memoirist and have walked the road you’re on.

When not working on my book projects, I have built a career out of analyzing and articulating what makes an amazing work of creative nonfiction. In my many years writing study aids and academic resources for nonfiction literature students, I have spent countless hours figuring out exactly what makes a book a hit and what can turn it into a flop.  

After many years analyzing finished books, studying writer’s craft, and completing a book of my own, I started working with aspiring writers to help them bring their own dreams of writing a book to fruition. I am truly passionate about helping to bring great books to life — including yours!




Work with me 1:1 on an ongoing basis to finally get your full story finished and on paper. This coaching package is ideal for writers who don’t yet have a draft manuscript and who are looking for feedback, guidance, and accountability throughout their writing journey.


What’s included:

For each month of coaching you get:

  • 4x 30 mins consultation calls via Skype or Facetime (1x/week)

  • Detailed review and critique of up to 7,500 words (divided throughout the month however you’d like)

  • Unlimited access to me via Slack for accountability, support, and questions (24hr response time Monday-Friday; 48hrs on weekends).

Are you …

  • Inspired by a great idea but don’t know where to start?

  • Partway through your manuscript and stuck?

  • Suffering from writer’s block or unable to prioritize your writing?

  • Feeling in the dark about writing a book proposal?

1:1 Coaching is for you!


When you have a complete draft, you’re ready for developmental editing (also known as structural or substantive editing). This is the first step all published authors take between finishing their first draft and seeing their book in stores.

The Get Ready to Publish package provides detailed feedback on your manuscript or story in the following areas:

  • Content

  • Structure

  • Tone

  • Voice

  • Plot

  • Character development

  • Thematic development

What’s included:

  • Detailed line edits addressing the above topics

  • Editorial letter summarizing the overall feedback

  • 30-minute Skype or Facetime consultation to discuss the work

  • Second round of line edits and follow-up comments after the first revisions have been done.

  • (Additional rounds of edits can be added to this package at a discounted rate.)

Whether you’re getting ready to self-publish or preparing to send your manuscript to agents and acquisitions editors, the Get Ready to Publish package will help you make sure your book is the best it can be!



Copyediting is the final stage before self-publishing or submitting your story for consideration by a literary agent or acquisitions editor. Copyediting polishes and perfects issues pertaining to grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, syntax, and formatting.

I copyedit according to the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard in book publishing, and will use the dictionary of your choice: US, UK, or CAN.

With many years experience as a professional academic copyeditor, I am highly trained in polishing finished manuscripts to perfection according to the most rigorous standards.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to write your book!

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