Article: Birth Control As A Form of Rebellion

Originally Published in The Huffington Post Women.

I’m working late at the restaurant. Brunch was more brutal than usual and my friend Mark and I are stuck doing paperwork well into the dinner hour. As we count our credit card receipts for the hundredth time, my cellphone on the table between us lights up and the alarm goes off. “BIRTH CONTROL!!!” flashes across the screen.


Article: Who I Am According to Facebook Ads

Originally published in She Does The City.

My world has become ultra-customized. My online world at least.

Every click of my mouse and every tap of my fingers tell the algorithms that run the Internet exactly what promotional content to splash across my screen. Lately I’ve found that who I am online doesn’t quite match up with who am I in reality. 


Article: I Consider Alcohol Wasted If I Don't Makeout

“I consider alcohol wasted if I don’t make-out with anyone”. 

I said this as a joke, but I was seriously deep into my college party-girl phase and it was at least a little bit true.

People always underestimate me in that department because I read books and bake pies, but by the time I turned nineteen I was determined to finally come out as a sex goddess.

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Travel Blog: Reasons to Travel Alone 

Originally Published in The Cardinal Press

When I first started travelling, the idea of solo travel wasn't anywhere in the realm of possibility. I'll be honest: deep down I think I was scared by the idea of heading away from home all by myself.