Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

how to become a freelance writer

Now that I've finished my Masters Degree in Creative Nonfiction, I am have room in my schedule to take on more freelance writing clients. My ultimate goal is to freelance write full-time so in the past three weeks since I finished school, I've really hit the ground running. To my surprise and delight, it hasn't taken long for me to find work. There are SO many great opportunities for writer out there, you just have to know where to look. 

Here are the main three types of resources I use every day to continue to build my client list and achieve my dream of writing full-time.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an amazing resource for bloggers and freelancers alike because they connect you instantly to thousands of like-minded people. There are groups exclusively for writers to help each other find work, like Binders Full of Writing Jobs. In this group, members share any and all job listings they come across and they often also share any contacts they have to help your application or pitch get to the top of the pile.

Another great group is Online Business BFFs which caters to online entrepreneurs and digital freelancers of all kinds. This group has weekly collaboration threads where you can post your services and find business owners who are looking to hire writers.

Job Boards

Before I started freelancing, I had no idea that there were so many job boards out there dedicated solely to writers. I started with Upwork since they list dozens and dozens of jobs per day, but you have to be careful because many jobs posted there are underpaying. But if you're careful and comb through the less-than-fair paying jobs, you can find some great ones.

The Writer's Job Board is my current favourite place to search for higher paying, long-term jobs. These jobs are more competitive, but they're definitely higher quality. A few other job boards and websites for writers I like are the ProBlogger Job Board and the Freelance Writer's Den.

Word of Mouth

This may sound obvious and old-school, but it's a cliché for a reason. I got my first ever paid writing job simply through word of mouth. I was on the table at my chiropractor's office when he asked me what I did for a living. I told him about writing and blogging, and to my good luck, he happened to be in the process of hiring someone to write blog posts for his business. He practically hired me on the spot, simply because he wanted to help out someone he knew personally.

I also got a client because my Uber driver asked me what I did for a living. He happened to own his own business as well and was also looking for a ghostwriter for his blog posts. Never be afraid to tell people what you do for a living and that you're taking on new clients-- in a non-pushy way of course. To leverage your word of mouth and maximize your job potential, carry business cards in your wallet everywhere you go, and make sure you have a website set up to advertise your services. You never know who may be looking to hire you.

I knew when I decided I wanted to be a writer that freelancing was going to be hard. But I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much work I've gotten over the past three weeks, simply by using the resources listed above. If you've been thinking about freelancing writing as a career, I hope some of these tips help you achieve your dream.