The Perfect Writing Playlist

music for writers, writing music

I am one of those people who can't work in silence. I love working in coffee shops with background music and a little hustle and bustle. There's something about tuning out the ambient noise that keeps me focused on my writing. When I'm working from home, I'm always looking for the perfect playlist to write to. Writing music must spark creativity and inspiration, but it also has to be unobtrusive enough not to get in the way of what I'm working on. 

Since I've never been able to find an absolutely perfect playlist of music to get my creativity flowing, I decided to create one of my own. If you've been suffering from writer's block or if you've been feeling uninspired lately, why not try locking yourself in a room with your notebook and turn on this playlist. You can also check out this post on beating writer's block to give yourself an extra boost before you get started. 

This instrumental playlist doesn't only have to be for writers. No matter how to express your creativity, I hope it will inspire you the same way it has inspired me.