Super Easy DIY Valentines

Although I don't usually send Valentine's Day cards, the desire to get creative one evening had me getting out my markers and putting together these super easy DIY Valentines. I'm not much of a visual artist so I went for really simple and minimal designs that I think pretty much anyone can recreate. If you're looking to make something with a personal touch this Valentines Day, give one of these designs a try!

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card

For this "Love" card I started by drawing a heart in pencil. Then I added lines across it all the way down so that my lettering would be straight. (I can't letter without lines to save my life!) Once I had my guide in place, the rest was easy, all I had to do was write L-O-V-E over and over again in alternating colours. Once the ink was dry I erased the pencil lines and this baby was finished!

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Craft

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a least one pun, right guys? This card idea probably isn't the most original but it's very easy to do with limited artistic confidence. Simply write the text in your best block letters and draw a horizontal oval for the body of your bumble bee. Add a heart-shape on top for the wings, a little triangle stinger, and some stripes and you're good to go. For the bumble-bee trail, you really can't go wrong with drawing a dotted line in any pattern you choose. 

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Finally we have the trendiest of the three with some minimalist arrows. I think arrows are easy to draw and pretty much everyone has doodled them at one point or another. I started by drawing lines in a random pattern all across the front of the card and then I added different styles of arrow heads and feathers, also in an arbitrary pattern. To finish, I coloured some in black and some in red while continuing the random layout. The key here is not to overthink things and embrace whatever pattern your instincts are guiding you toward. 

Whether you're a professional artist or aren't so confident in the DIY department, making homemade Valentines is a fun activity to get in the spirit of love and friendship. If you're unsure about your artistic skills, just remember that creativity isn't about perfection!