Resolutions to Kick-Start Your Creativity

how to be creative

Even though the new year has come and gone, it's never a bad time to review and revise your personal resolutions. I like to do this multiple times throughout the year because, let's be honest, people are ever-changing! If you've been dreaming of accessing your creative side more this year, I've got a handful of resolutions you can make to kick-start your creativity. Give a few of these a try and before you know it, you'll find your inspiration has started to soar. 

Read X Books

Setting yourself a reading challenge is a great way to encourage your brain to start thinking more creatively. Reading is especially important for writers, but no matter what your creative discipline, reading great books can foster inspiration and creative thinking in all sorts of ways. Introducing yourself to new ideas, stories, images, characters, and places, can prompt inspiration of all kinds. I'm personally challenging myself to read 40 books this year, but pick a number that feels both do-able and challenging for your lifestyle.

Take A Class

Challenge yourself to develop a new creative skill by taking some sort of class. Maybe you've always wanted to learn calligraphy, or maybe you wish you could knit a handmade blanket for your friend's new baby. Whatever your creative craft or project may be, sign up for a class to really force yourself to get to it. Online classes are great, but in person ones are even better for keeping you motivated and accountable. 

Start Meditating

Clearing your mind and relaxing your body with meditation can allow creative ideas and inspiration to flow more freely. It's easy to get distracted by the little tasks of every day life but starting a regular meditation process can help you learn to take time out of each day to open your mind for inspiration.

Commit To Ten Minutes A Day

Like I said, it's easy for creative pursuits to take a back seat when there is laundry to be done and dishes to be washed. Prioritize your creativity by committing to ten creative minutes per day. Whether you do ten minutes of freewriting, sketching, music practice, or line-dancing, make creative time a priority and it will soon become a habit. I find that the more time I spend on my artistic pursuits, the more my creativity starts to flourish on its own. 

Visit More Art Galleries, Museums, Theatre Performances, Concerts, etc. 

Resolve to do one creative activity every week, month, or quarter, whatever fits reasonably into your schedule. It doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of free time and can only visit a gallery or exhibit a couple times a year, just focus on going more often than you did last year. Exposing yourself to creativity and surrounding yourself with it as much as you can, within reason, is a great way of triggering inspiration and motivation for your own pursuits. 

Whether you pick just one of these resolutions or bravely decide to tackle all five, you're guaranteed to have a more creative year than the one before. Remember that creativity looks different for every person, so adapt these resolutions to best fit you and your lifestyle.