Every Boy I Ever Kissed by Nellwyn Lampert

Every day 120 million acts of sexual intercourse take place around the world. So why was it so hard for me to lose my virginity? If I were a super-hero, or perhaps a super-villain, I would be known as “The Boner-Killer.”
From premature impotence to questioning sexualities. From sexting to webcams. Everything I was told would happen didn’t happen, and everything no one had thought to prepare me for did.
Every Boy I Ever Kissed is a real-life Sex and the City for a generation that can schedule a hookup with their cellphone in less time than it takes to order Chinese food.
This is a book about how we fall in love, and how we fall into bed in a world with brand new expectations. Every Boy I Ever Kissed weaves my own real-life experiences with research into the impact that new trends like mainstream pornography, kink culture, and changing definitions of virginity have on our romantic lives.
The book features a collection of real-life stories that each reflect a larger societal shift. Funny, relatable, heart-breaking, and inspiring, each story prompts an investigation into the greater issues at play with analysis and insight from professional “sexperts”. 
I have never read a book or seen a film I felt reflected my experiences of what it’s like to search for love, a date, or even a casual hook-up. Perfect for anyone interested in the current dating scene, this book will be written for the sexual climate of the 21st century where formerly taboo topics are suddenly mainstream.
This is not a how-to book. This is not a self-help guide. This is an exploration of a new sexual ethos that is changing how we behave. It’s every lesson I learned on the road to having sex. One lesson for every boy I ever kissed.